Periodontics- Gum Treatment

50% of the population is suffering gum disease.

Periodontal disease does not just affect the gums; it also damages the bone tissue and ligaments surrounding the gums. If the harmful bacteria and plaque is not removed from our teeth our bodies naturally start to fight the bacteria but this subsequently means that our immune systems and the bacterial infection start to break down our bone tissue and ligaments.

What happens if it is left untreated?

If gum disease is left untreated the teeth can eventually come loose and fall out, a health problem that is the main cause of tooth loss in adults across the UK. Periodontal disease is not curable, but treatment and proper management can prevent further harm. Treatment could effectively prevent you from losing your natural teeth.

Are you suffering?

If you think you are suffering from gum disease, do not despair. Our caring periodontist Dr Pegah H Pasha, Guildford team at Merrow Park Dental- we are here to help. We will make an appointment for you to meet with our specialist, who will be able to assess your condition and create a treatment plan specifically for you dental needs.

Meet Dr Pegah Heidarzadeh Pasha
Our Specialist in periodontics

Periodontal referral services

If you need a second opinion or you recognise advanced periodontal disease is within your patient then General Dental Guidelines state that the diagnosis be verified by a specialist. This is because at this stage of the disease, loss of teeth and bone is very likely unless treated. Treatment of advanced gum disease is complex and involves a variety of treatment options hence consultation with Dr. Pegah H Pasha is highly recommended to ensure the correct treatment pathway.

The next steps - Please contact Merrow Park Dental and we can offer you a consultation with our specialist to provide you advice on your condition, alternatively, if you are with a local dentist ask his/her for a referral to Dr Pegah H Pasha at Merrow Park Guildford.

Price guide for Periodontal treatment

Fee guide

Periodontal examination £150

  • Non surgical phase £250 - £300 (per quadrant) 
    Normally booked 1 week apart and for a duration of 75 - 90min / per appointment.

  • Non-surgical phase is followed by a free review, 4 week after completion of treatment. 

  • 1 hour re-assessment appointment to follow 8 weeks after the completion of non surgical treatment £150