Is it just as good to have a Bridge?

Can I have a bridge instead of an Implant?

What is a bridge?

A dental bridge “bridges” the gap between natural teeth with a false tooth which is held between the teeth on either side of the gap via dental crowns.

A bridge can certainly provide an aesthetically pleasing tooth replacement which is more permanent solution than a partial denture, but are there even ‘better’ options available?

Having a Bridge means healthy teeth may need to be cut down

At Merrow Park Dental we are extremely keen to preserve your natural teeth as much as possible.

We strongly believe in non-invasive or minimally invasive treatments which are kind to teeth; focusing our energy on preservation and not destruction.  This means we prefer to avoid cutting down healthy dental tissue, if at all possible.

This presents the first consideration when it comes to dental bridges: In order to attach the bridge, it is necessary to prepare the teeth either side. Unfortunately, this means that we need to remove a significant portion of the tooth’s surface, which are otherwise healthy.

Whilst the newly fitted crowns will protect the teeth, the process can be considered to be quite invasive.

It should be said too, that whilst dental bridges do offer stability, they also require special care and cleaning to ensure that the gums around the immediate area of the bridge remain healthy and disease free.

So, What are the alternatives?

Partial dentures are still widely used, but, however, with advances in dental care many people are now turning away from dentures and bridges in favour of dental implants.

A dental implant means we can carryout minimally invasive techniques and focus solely on the replacing just the missing tooth.

By having an implant placement at Merrow Park Dental you are setting yourself up for many long-term benefits. Which, given good care, should last for many years.

Whilst there are a few inconveniences at the start of the treatment, such as little extra visits to see us, these are short-lived and you will soon start to realise the rewards of a natural looking, strong and permanent replacement teeth.

As the implant becomes firmly embedded in the jawbone over a number of weeks, a crown can be attached with no need from extra support from adjoining teeth; quite unlike the process needed with a dental bridge.

This means that we can leave healthy teeth alone and provide a long term highly predictable alternative.

To find out more about this modern tooth replacement method, please call our team to arrange a consultation at Merrow Park Dental